About Michael

I always wanted to be more memorable and remarkable without feeling scripted but traditional sales methods and success markers made me feel like I was the one doing something wrong.

Until I realized that to reach my ideal levels of peak performance in service to my customers, I’d either have to resign myself to feeling contrived, or get creative.

I chose creativity and was delighted to find that when you think like an artist, there are as many ways to sell as there are salespeople.

And when you discover your own way, the details that make you uniquely you, you’ll leverage who you are and how others perceive you to accelerate the know, like, and trust factors behind every sale. What’s more, like a great artist, it’s those details your customers will recognize and remember you by. And when they remember you it’s easier for them to happily spread the word making you more famous in the process.

I help sales professionals stand out from the competition, make better connections, and, learn how to resonate through the use of body language, nonverbal communication, stories, and performance.

Work with me and you won’t have to worry about fading into obscurity. Together, we’ll Discover How The World Sees You® with the Fascination Advantage® System. And, I’ll add insights and strategies from my 20 years of sales experience to help you resonate even if you feel insecure, unsure or worried about negative feedback you’ve gotten in the past…even if you have no clue how others perceive you.

I spent over 20 years unaware of a mouth tic that was an automatic part of my delivery when I was anxious.

And I was anxious, a lot.

It wasn’t until I started watching videos of myself that I realized I practically turned into a robot when I presented. All my sentences began with a quick nervous little “tssk” sound.

Tssk, tssk; I looked unnatural and insincere. Add to that my super-serious voice and it was a recipe for obscurity.

How could it be that the guy I saw in my videos wasn’t even close to matching up to who I was inside?

Until I faced myself on video, I had no idea what my colleagues and friends meant when they said, “Don’t use your Robotic Salesman voice, Mike, just be Mike.”

I was mortified!

Enter the arts of body language and nonverbal communication and guess what?

People began to perceive me as someone to listen to and respect. I started getting feedback that my presentations were among the best.

Did this shift in perception lead to more sales and more money? You bet!

What’s more, my performances got easier and more pleasurable for my audiences to consume.
My mouth tic went away and, best of all, when I saw myself, I looked and sounded like me.

I knew the guy on video, I liked him, and I trusted him.

Today, my clients feel the same way.

…but enough about me, I’m curious about you. Drop me a line; let me know what you’re working on, and how you rate your ability to resonate.

There comes a time in your life, when the skills that got you where you are aren’t enough. When it’s time to make a change and stand out, choose to Resonate.
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